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Magnetic pen holder for magnetic board - Super Strong

Product no.: MAGZ-8908-L

Magnetic pen holder for most magnetic surfaces (also glass boards). Sold without whiteboard marker (Whiteboard marker shown for demonstration purposes only).
Perfect for whiteboards for holding your board markers
Also for glass boards. Slides a bit easier on glass but is strong enough to keep most board markers hanging (not XL markers).
Here, you can see how easy the metal stretches out on a finger.
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Price per unit:

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Magnetic pen holder from Magnetpartner with a super strong magnet at the bottom & flexible metal for holding the pen.

We have designed, created, and tested a magnetic clip for your board markers and pens. So, you can hang them directly onto your magnetic board. Plus, this magnetic pen holder will work on glass boards*.

Magnetic pen holders are sold individually, but we also offer discounts for large volume purchases.

Normally we specify a strength capacity for our magnets, but that does not make sense, or apply, for this magnet holder because it depends on what you intend to hang on it. But let us disclose that it is made with a very strong magnet.

Color: Silver
Diameter: Approx. 1.9 cm (0.75in)
Height: Approx. 1.8 cm (0.71in)

*The magnetic clip can also be used on glass boards. As with most magnets, the magnetic clip will bond to most metal surfaces and whiteboards, which are more magnetic. If your intended purpose is to hold your standard board marker or pen, this magnetic will have no problems addressing that need. It will slide a little easier on glass boards, so you only need two (2) extra seconds to place your marker on the glass board compared to a whiteboard or a metal board. But this magnetic clip is one of the only ones of its kind on the market that can sit on all magnetic surfaces: Universal. We recommend that you use the pen holder on glass boards for standard board markers, because the larger and heavier markers will cause it to slide easily.

See photos for more details.

This magnetic pen holder is made with a strong spiral and a strong pot magnet (neodymium). The spiral works like a placeholder as it grips around your marker or pen to keep it in place. The design and build of the spiral will allow you to expand it for larger objects. The spiral grip will have no issues securing XL board markers on whiteboards and metal surfaces, however if you need to use it for glass boards, you should (as mentioned above) only use it for general board markers (as in the photos provided).

ATTENTION! Sold without whiteboard markers. Whiteboard markers shown are for demonstration purposes only.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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