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Magnetic foil, Yellow 20 mm. x 1 m.

Product no.: MAGZ-231-M

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Price per unit:

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1000 mm.
20 mm.
1 mm.
Magnetic foil


Yellow magnetic foil, available in 1-metre rolls.

Width: 2 cm
Thickness: 1 mm
Length: 1 metre.
Colour: Sunny yellow.
Strength: approx. 80 gr/sq. cm.

Please note: Magnetic foil is not suitable for magnetic glass boards. Magnetic foil is incredibly flexible.

Here are some of the things you can do with magnetic foil:  

  • Cut with regular scissors. 
  • Writable. 
  • Cleanable.

You can also use magnetic foil for marking whiteboards, storage shelves, etc. The magnetic foil can be cut at your desired length using regular scissors.

Write on magnetic foil with a pencil, ball pen or waterproof felt-tip pen. Comes off (almost every time) with alcohol, spirit or a rubber. Some stains (and scratches) may be difficult to remove depending on how hard the pen was pushed. Be aware that smudging may occur when you write. For the best results, avoid touching the surface for the first 2 minutes after writing on it (more for felt-tip pens).

Please note: Before writing on the yellow magnetic foil, we recommend that you do a test on a small piece of foil before writing on the rest of the roll.