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How To Hang Fabric on the Wall with Just Magnets!

This is a DIY guide to hanging fabric on the wall with just magnets.

The interior design bug has bitten me since moving to a new office space. As I’ve slowly furnished my new office, I’ve been looking for ways to make the walls look less bare. Since my boss does not allow drilling holes, I’ve considered using magnets to mount fabrics and photos. 

Is it possible to hang fabrics on the wall using just magnets? It is definitely possible to hang fabrics on the wall using magnets! Wall magnets can work on any steel surface. Hanging fabrics on a wall is a brilliant design idea as it can give life to an otherwise plain and boring open space.

Depending on the color you choose, it can be the perfect accent piece and conversation starter. It’s a good thing that finding the ideal magnet to use to mount fabrics on the wall is quite easy!

Hanging Fabrics on the Wall

Hanging fabrics on the wall is a great way to give a personal touch to open space. Whether you choose to hang a photo or piece of fabric, having something that expresses your taste and personality is a nice touch and gives guests an idea of who you are without saying words. 

Fabrics provide a unique touch when you choose to use it as a wall decoration in your new space. These days, people take lots of photos from their travels and put them on walls as décor. Artists and art collectors also find joy in putting artwork on the walls. 

Meanwhile, other people feel the need to buy generic wall art just to spruce up a room. While this is a popular option, it can be quite a pricey choice. Not many think of looking into what they currently own as an option when choosing wall art. 

Choosing fabrics in your current stash instead of purchasing new artwork can be a cost-effective option for those who are looking to decorate their space on a budget. It also adds a more personalized feel to space. Putting up fabrics, when done right, can end up looking elegant.

While photos and artwork are great, fabrics lend a more eclectic touch to a vacant wall space. There is nothing like choosing fabrics that bring happy memories of travels and time spent with family and commemorating them by putting the memories on the wall.  

Additionally, there is no need to worry about being precise or damaging the material of the wall because magnets are removable and can be adjusted easily. In the event that you make a mistake, you can correct yourself as you go along.

Before hanging a piece of fabric on the wall, make the necessary preparations so that the fabric can be mounted properly and end up looking polished. To guide you, here is a quick step-by-step guide on how to hang a piece of fabric on the wall. For this, magnetic disks are recommended, as it is a more discrete option. 

How To Hang Fabric On The Wall With Magnets:

  1. Choose the fabric and magnetic disk that you wish to use.  
  2. Measure the length of the fabric against the wall and mark it. This will tell you where to place the magnets on the wall. 
  3. Prepare the fabric. Do you need to use a frame? What material will you use to ensure that the fabric is properly laid out?
  4. Choose the magnetic disc that you will use. Place the countersunk magnets or steel disk on the wall. 
  5. Place the fabric on top of the magnet. 
  6. Place another disk on the top of the fabric and line it up with the countersunk magnet or steel disk underneath it. 
  7. Adjust as needed. 

Also note that you should choose magnets with pull strength that correspond to the weight of the fabric. If you wish to hang a lightweight piece of fabric, choose a magnet that is not heavy duty as it may actually end up damaging the fabric. 

Should you wish to hang a larger piece of fabric, such as a quilt, you will need a few pieces of a more powerful magnet to hold that up. 

Using Wall Magnets

Choosing wall magnets over screws and nails saves you a lot of time and energy. The things can be moved easily depending on your preference and can be removed just as easily. No need to worry about digging holes into the walls and potentially damaging the surface!  

Wall magnets are a good option to consider especially if, like me, you are not allowed to drill holes in the walls of your new space. Choosing the right magnet that will suit your needs is key; so do consult the experts before you make a purchase. 

Do keep in mind that using magnets might limit the size, weight, and height of the items you choose to mount on the wall. Fabrics are an excellent option to put on the wall if you are using magnets because the material is lightweight.

There are different types of wall magnets that serve different purposes and come in different designs. Listed below are some examples, a short description, and their function. Not all types of wall magnets are listed here, but please read on for the short descriptions. 

Types Of Wall Magnets:

  • Magnetic hook 
  • Magnetic disk 
  • Coat hook with a magnet 

Magnetic hooks come in different shapes and sizes and have a flat magnetic back. This type of magnet is highly recommended for putting certain items (i.e. fabrics) on the wall. 

Magnetic hooks can be purchased in any hardware and home goods store. You can also find it online is different websites and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

Installing magnetic hooks on your wall is easy and can be done within minutes. There is no need to get anxious about being precise with the placement of the hooks because it is so easy to adjust as you go along. 

Magnetic disks are a good option for those who want to hang certain items in a discrete way. These disks come in different sizes and pull strength. Depending on your needs, you can hang anything from delicate pieces of fabric to the more sturdy canvas material. 

Of course, you can hang other things on walls for different functions. Placing a magnetic coat hook by the entryway of your home or office is quite useful. 

Similar to the design of the magnetic hook, the coat hook has a bigger and sturdier hook that should be strong enough to hold on to the heaviest winter coat you can find! 

Related Questions 

What items can magnets hold up on walls?

You can use magnets to hang different types of items against a wall as long as you find the magnets with the appropriate pull strength. You can use simple magnetic disks to hang lightweight material like paper and fabric, while heavier items will definitely need more support. 

Is there a downside to using wall magnets?

There is virtually no downside to using wall magnets because there are a lot of options available even if you are not decorating on a steel surface. You can find a magnet that can suit any of your decorating needs. Magnetic disks, as cited above can be installed on different surfaces. 

Can I use other materials to hang fabric on the wall? 

Yes, there are other materials that you can use to hang fabric on a wall. However, magnets are highly recommended because it is so easy to use and requires a lot less effort and stress to mount a fabric. 



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