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HD bonding tape, 19 mm (25 metres)

Product no.: MAGZ-8907-L

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25000 mm.
19 mm.
0,7 mm.


HD bonding tape: This is a super strong double-adhesive tape. This tape is categorized as a type of bonding tape and known as the "welding tape" that is almost as strong as welding.

With your purchase, you will receive a roll of clear tape measuring 25 meters in length, and a tape width of 19 mm.

Tape length: 25 metres
Tape width: 19 mm (about 0.75 in)
Tape thickness: 0.73 mm (about 0.03 in).
Tape color: Transparent (clear)

Do not be mistaken by the slim thickness of this tape, measure slightly less than 1 mm (0.04 inches). This double-adhesive tape is some of the strongest bonding tape you can find on the market. Like glue from the 59 series lineup, this type of tape is effective when applied onto metal surfaces such as magnets and aluminum. Our customers use this tape for hanging larger aluminum frames, hanging alarm systems, and for setting up magnets on heavy doors that require a strong magnetic lock. For example, heavy doors like New Yorker doors.

In addition, we feel it is necessary to highlight one more special feature about this double-sided tape, the fantastic adhesion capability on rough contact surfaces. You just must make sure that the surfaces are completely clean and grease-free to ensure an effective bonding process.

ATTENTION! Always ensure proper cleaning of the intended working surface before applying the adhesive tape.

Before purchasing this tape, we would like to share these temperature ranges we feel you should take into consideration. When setting up, the ideal temperature should be between +15 and +30°C, and when the tape is dry, it can withstand temperatures ranging from –10 to +75°C.

We sell this tape for larger construction jobs where a fast and reliable setup is required.

This tape is made of silicone/PP, polyester fabric and synthetic rubber.

Intended Purposes: Rubber, fabric, glass, ceramics, wood, plastic (PVC, PC, ABS, PE, and PP), metal, paper, and cardboard. It can also be used on solid foam; however, the effectiveness of adhesion is not as high as on the previously mentioned materials we have listed. We strongly suggest you avoid using chemicals on the tape.

To ensure longevity and effectiveness, the tape roll must be stored in a cool and dry location, away from sunlight and direct heat sources.

Warranty on the adhesiveness depends on the external conditions such as temperatures and wear. But a standard guaranteed minimum of 12 months is provided.