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Edding 400 Permanent Marker, Green (1 mm.)

Product no.: MAGZ-933-E

Dark green permanent marker, Edding 400. Can be used for permanent writing on most surfaces.
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A green permanent marker. Model 400, Manufactured by Edding and designed with a thin fine point tip.

IMPORTANT! You cannot erase permanent markers and we do not recommend using this marker on whiteboards. If you are in need of markers that will work on a whiteboard, we recommend using specifically designed board markers.

Tip width: Approximately 1 mm (0.039 inches)
Tip shape: Round.
Color: Dark green.

This green Edding 400 marker is “refillable.” Which means that you can refill your permanent marker with new ink whenever the marker has been used up. The green Edding model 400 marker is a smart choice for the environmentally conscience individuals, because you can recycle/reuse the casing itself by simply refilling the marker each time it runs out of ink.

This marker can be used on almost all materials. Can be used on paper, cardboard, metal, glass, plastic, and similar writing surfaces without any issues.

Package Contents: Quick-drying ink, chemical odor level is weak.
Material: Plastic sleeve.
Art.nr.: 4-400004-004

Edding is the reliable choice when you need a permanent and waterproof marker.

ATTENTION! Remember to always store markers in the horizontal position! If you store your markers vertically with the tip facing upwards, they will dry out. In addition, if you store markers vertically with the tip facing downwards, they will drip. If your tip has dried out, wait before throwing it out. We recommend you try leaving it with the cap facing downwards for a few days, often times we have found that it usually works and makes your marker functional again.

Edding 400 Permanent Marker, Green (1 mm./0.039 inches)

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