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Countersunk magnet 50x4 mm. (neodymium)

Product no.: MAGZ-165-P

A Ø50 mm. magnet with a countersunk hole (M3) for a bolt or a screw with a countersunk head. Sold indvidually at Magnetpartner.com.
Strength 14.0 kg.
Here, you can see the 50-04 mm. neodymium magnet with a countersunk screw (not included).
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Price per unit:

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14,0 kg.
50 mm.
4 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


Ring magnets are excellent alternatives for varying project ideas. This type of ring magnet features a conical hole to be used with countersunk screws to get a plane (flush) surface.

We sell these ring magnets individually, so you do not have to buy a full package or set with us. Simply purchase the quantity you need for your magnet project.

Diameter: 5 cm.
Height: 0.4 cm.
Screw hole: ø 4.5 mm. (M3)
Strength: approx. 14 kg.

Pro-Tip: Never overtighten screws when working with magnets. The tension will cause the magnet to crack and break. If you need a magnet that can handle rougher treatment, choose a magnet with a steel pot instead.

This ring magnet has a carrying capacity of 14 kg. (31 lbs.). The capacity has been measured using a direct pull method on a pure, magnetic steel plate. Disclaimer: If there is a gap between the magnet and the magnetic surface, the carrying capacity will decrease significantly, because distance equals to loss of magnetic power.

We recommend this type of neodymium magnet be used indoors. With constant contact with outdoor elements, power magnets will rust over time. But it takes a long time before the strength weakens because of surface rust.

NB! Do not expose to temperatures above 80 degrees as this will destroy the magnetism.

Strength: ca. 14.000 g.
Magnetism: N35
Coating: Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)

The ring magnet has a 50 mm. (1.97 inches) diameter. The direct carrying capability of this ring magnet is 14 kg. (31 lbs.). This means that if you place the magnet on your ceiling, it can carry a steady object weighing up to 14 kg. (31 lbs.). For instance, if the item hung is a lamp or an easily swings item, you will need approximately 4-6 times extra magnetic strength. The reason is because you want to ensure that there is enough range to be able to carry your item in a light indirect pull. If you want to hang an item on the wall, you must also multiply the strength requirement by min. 4 times. This will depend on how the magnet is loaded in indirect pull.

Feel free to contact us if we need to help you with your calculations, because we are aware it may well be difficult.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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