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Ring binder magnets

Do you often use your whiteboard to present new ideas or hold meetings where it is important to illustrate certain things to your customers or employees? Then you should take a closer look at these ring binder magnets which we produce ourselve. They can make your work easier when you need to make your presentations.

How can I use a magnetic ring binder?

Let's say you're having a meeting and have to make a presentation in front of a whiteboard. The participants at the meeting may have been handed some papers with some information regarding the meeting. With a binder magnet for your whiteboard, you can stand and guide the participants at the meeting through the papers, as you have the same papers hanging up on the whiteboard. In that regard, there is plenty of space on the whiteboard to write and explain, now that the papers hang well organized in the binder magnet. At the same time, it will also be easier for you to guide the participants to look at the right page in the papers handed out.

Buy the right ring binder magnet

All of our ring binder magnets work for LEAN products, such as a whiteboard, but not all of them can be used on glass boards.

So if you have a glass board in your office, it is important that you buy the ring binder magnets designed for magnetic glass surfaces. They are quite a bit stronger and can therefore easily sit tight on glass eventhough the surface is slippery.