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Magnetic photo pockets

Inspiration for table decorations for a special party

We got this mail from a customer. We had helped her find the right size of magnetic pockets for her son's party. And she wanted to help us by writing a blogg post. Here is what she wrote:

"Recently, my husband and I were throwing an 18th birthday party for our son. We were having a sit-down dinner for around 40 people and wanted to come up with a new and unusual idea for the table decorations. We wanted decorations that made the table look really nice while also illustrating our son's journey in life so far. He is passionate about football and music, but we didn't really want a theme party as such.

One night, we were looking through old photo albums and talked about how much fun it would be to show some of the best and funniest pictures to our guests. We discussed taking the TV from the living room into the marquee party tent in the garden and show the pictures on the screen connected to a computer, but we decided that it would be too much trouble. First of all, it would be very difficult lifting our heavy, wall-mounted TV into the garden! And where would we put it when we didn't have a TV stand for it? No, we soon decided against that idea…

I suddenly looked at the fridge where several magnetic photo pockets were hanging, and I said to my husband: ”How about if we got a lot of small pictures printed of our son, put them into magnetic pockets and placed them around the tables as table decorations?” My husband immediately like my idea, and said: ”Then we could use the magnetic pockets as memento gifts to our guests after the party!” And that's what we decided to do.

We searched on the internet and found a webshop selling magnetic pockets. I called them, and the friendly sales assistant told me that the magnetic pockets they sold were high quality and strong enough that you could exchange the photos countless of times. The sales assistant asked me how big the tables were and ended up advising me to get the 6x9 cm magnetic pockets. That way, they would be big enough to see the pictures clearly and small enough that they wouldn't fill up the whole table.

I ordered 40 magnetic pockets (one for each guest) and they were delivered the next day!

Next, we had 40 small prints made at the photo shop, and put the photos into the magnetic pockets. They looked great!

The big day arrived, and luckily, the weather gods decided to let the sun shine on us. The marquee tent was up, and we had set a lovely table with a blue and white colour theme, except for some red gerbera flowers and the fun magnetic photo pockets filled with memories from our son's life.

We had the most wonderful 18th birthday party for our son filled with laughter, tears and a warm and loving atmosphere! Our guests loved the magnetic photo pockets, and they also worked as an icebreaker at the beginning as the photos immediately gave people something to talk about. And everybody was happy when we told them that they could take a magnetic pocket home with them after the party."

This is why we love our job - most of the time, it's "just about magnets". But when we get feedback like this, we get new energy to improve the webshop and expand our business.

Please let us know if we can help you with magnets for your table decorations.


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