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Information on magnetic foil

Note! Magnetic foil cannot be used for magnetic glass boards or on surfaces with very high/low temperatures - read more below.

What is magnetic foil?

Magnetic tape is made from a flexible type of magnet called magnetic foil, which possesses mixed poles. That is, there's no distinct north pole on one side and south on the other; it can adhere to another piece of magnetic tape or different magnet types. Its flexibility allows it to conform to curved surfaces such as cars, radiators, and pipes.

When deciding between a magnet and magnetic foil (e.g., magnet sheets or magnetic strips), one should consider whether strength or flexibility is more important. Foil is an inexpensive form of magnet to use, but a small piece of magnetic foil can usually just support itself and perhaps a single piece of paper. A longer strip might support a curtain or similar items. Searching "magnetic tape" in our FAQ section will reveal numerous DIY guides.


The foil consists of strontium ferrite blended with a flexible plastic, resulting in magnetic foil that functions as a magnet, making things like pictures and signs magnetic. Moreover, the colored magnetic tapes and sheets feature a colored PVC surface.

How strong is magnetic foil?

The strength of magnetic tapes and sheets is measured in strength per cm², indicating how much force is present in each centimeter of the magnetic tape. The larger and longer a piece of magnetic foil, the higher its strength. For example, a magnetic sheet or two 40 mm strips placed side by side could easily support a frying pan, provided the pan's entire base contacts the magnetic foil. However, you could not hang the same pan on a single 40 mm strip because the combined strength would not be sufficient.

Our colorless magnetic tapes and sheets (dark gray) have a strength of approximately 100 grams per cm².

Our colored magnetic tapes and sheets possess a strength of about 80 grams per cm².

The difference between colored and non-colored magnetic foil lies in the treatment process when the colored coating is applied, as well as the additional weight added to the foil by the colored layer.

Which side is strongest?

The dark gray side of all magnetic foil is the most potent. On colored magnetic tape (and sheets), it's the side without the colored coating. On the raw magnetic tape without color, it's the smooth side without grooves.

The sides differ because the magnetic layer is closer to the surface on one side. With colored magnetic tape, the colored layer creates even more distance from the magnetic blend in the flexible plastic, increasing the disparity in how magnetic the two sides are, particularly for colored magnetic foil.

Strength increase with two pieces of magnetic foil

Our magnetic foil is usually 1 mm thick - a solid, robust quality. Some products may vary in size, but this will be highlighted on the product listing.

Strength for 1 piece of non-colored magnetic foil (1 mm): approximately 100 grams/cm²

Strength for 2 pieces of non-colored magnetic foil (2x1 mm): around 150 grams/cm².

Combining two magnets can result in a higher load capacity. The same applies to two pieces of magnetic sheets or strips - the strength increases by about 50%. Although the initial strength is around 100 grams per cm², knowing that you can achieve approximately 150 grams per cm² might be critical for your project if you need to increase the strength.

However, the best results will always be obtained by choosing a thicker variant since there is no colored surface or other barriers between the two pieces of magnetic foil.

Working temperature & storage

-20° to +85° C

Temperatures below -20°C and above 85° C will permanently damage the structure of the magnetic foil, leading to loss of magnetism. Thus, we do not recommend using magnetic sheets and strips in environments exceeding this temperature range.

Storing magnets at room temperature is always best, which also applies to the foil. Additionally, it's a good practice to store it flat - if stored rolled up for an extended period, it may be challenging to flatten again.

Can it be used outdoors?

Since magnetic foil is made of plastic and ferrite, it does not rust. However, UV rays from the sun can eventually degrade the structure, resulting in a loss of magnetism. Therefore, it's wise to replace the magnetic foil periodically if it is used outdoors (e.g., as an information board).

Can you use other magnets on magnetic foil?

Not all magnets should be used with magnetic foil. It is best to use magnetic foil against another piece of magnetic foil or against metal. You can use neodymium or ferrite magnets on magnetic foil, but since the magnetism in permanent magnets is so much stronger than in magnetic foil, using permanent magnets will damage the foil's magnetic structure, and over time, you'll find that the foil's magnetism becomes so weak that your magnets will fall off. This degradation won’t happen if you use the magnetic foil with another piece of magnetic foil or with metal.

Can magnetic foil be used on glass boards? 

Ordinary magnetic foil is made with ferrite, and ferrite magnets aren't strong enough for glass boards. Instead, you should select a type of magnetic foil that includes neodymium particles. But be aware that neodymium magnetic foil is less flexible and much more expensive than ordinary magnetic foil.

How much will I need?

The amount of magnetic tape or sheet you need depends on whether you’re applying it to one or two surfaces. For example, if you’re hanging a sign or curtains that both need to be magnetized with magnetic tape, remember you'll need twice the total length.

In terms of strength requirements, magnetic foil is often used on metal surfaces such as storage racks or on whiteboards when a magnetic writing surface is needed, or for magnetic printing. It's handy to know that longer pieces provide better magnetic adhesion - meaning that magnetic foil used as labeling on storage racks will feel more magnetic the wider the piece you cut. More details about strength can be found at the beginning of this text.

We sell magnetic tape starting from one meter and sheets from one piece. You can find the exact minimum specifications under each product listing.

What colors are available?

All magnetic foil shares the same dark gray backside, but it’s also available with and without a colored coating. Among others, you will find these colors:

• Red

• Yellow

• Green

• Blue

• Black

• White

The colored foil is great for signaling different things or for writing on. We also have a foil with a writable surface that you can use just like a whiteboard when using whiteboard markers. If you need to write or draw something more permanent, you can use permanent markers on the standard magnetic foil.

Want to try it out first?

We offer sales from one piece or one meter. Please note, we cannot accept returns of magnetic tape that has been cut or trimmed. So, if you're uncertain about which product to choose, start by ordering a single piece before placing a larger order. Unused products can certainly be returned as long as the packaging is intact and there are no marks of use.

Can I remove self-adhesive magnetic tape again? 

Our self-adhesive magnetic tape comes with a strong adhesive. Within the first few hours, you can remove it again. But after 24 hours, it adheres quite firmly, and after 72 hours, you'll need to use a hairdryer to take it off. If you remove or reposition the magnetic tape, air can get to the adhesive, which may prevent it from sticking again. Therefore, avoid moving self-adhesive magnetic foil once it’s been applied. And remember to press it evenly and firmly all over to activate the adhesive fully.

Can magnetic tape interfere with electronics?

The magnetism in magnetic tape is so low that it does not interfere with electronics. Therefore, you don't have to be cautious using magnetic tape and magnetic sheets near electronic components like computers, mobile phones, or similar devices.

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