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18 black/white pictograms for free download

Product no.: MAGZ-Pictogram-S

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Colour your own pictograms. Download our free black/white pictograms here at Magnetpartner.com. You get two A4 sheets with 18 small pictograms. The print size is 6x6 cm.


Children with special needs (e.g. autism and Asperger's) may find it difficult to understand explanations about what the rest of us perceive as simple "everyday things". Pictograms are very useful in helping these children recognise and understand everyday events as they are explained with illustrations. We sell many magnets for pictograms (6x6 cm), and as we discovered that pictograms are often expensive or bad quality, we decided to design and offer a series of pictograms to our customers free of charge.

You don't have to buy other items from our webshop to download our pictograms.

Tobias Mikkelsen is the talented designer behind the pictograms, and he regularly helps us with our design projects.

Please note: We ask you to respect that our pictograms are for your own use only, and NOT for resale. It is not permitted to use them online or for any commercial purposes without our prior consent. Please contact us for prior consent if you wish to use them for purposes other than private use or schools. If you do not, we will send you a bill for unlawful use for EUR 200.

If you have a photo showing the pictograms being used, and which you would allow us to share on our website, we would be happy to hear from you. 

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