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Why Are Neodymium Magnets so Strong?

Why are neodymium magnets so strong

I am sadly not a trained physicist, I am just selling magnets because I have a great passion for all the fun stuff you can do with magnets. I went on a mission to find out, what is up with these Neodymium magnets.

So, why are neodymium magnets so strong? Neodymium magnets are powerful permanent magnets made from rare-earth alloys. They are graded according to their magnetic output, and they are unusually powerful because of their crystalline structure. Neodymium magnets range from N35-N52, a higher value indicates a stronger magnet.

This is a short and boring explanation, let's go deeper and find some useful facts about these magnets, and how you can benefit from using them in your everyday life.

At first let's just try to understand, just why these neodymium magnets are so powerful.

Why are neodymium magnets so strong?

Neodymium magnets are also called "power magnets" and this I obviously because they are some of the strongest permanent magnets in the world.

Besides being incredibly strong magnets, they are very lightweight and cheap compared to their magnetic output.

The powerful neodymium magnets can carry many times their own weight, and be very aware, that they can be quite dangerous to play around with.

Strong magnets are not toys for kids, but if you aren't scared off by this fact and want to see our collection of these "power magnet" or neodymium magnets, click here.

What in the world is neodymium magnets?

As I mentioned earlier in this post, I am sadly not a trained physicist or a professor of science from a university so I will try to explain to you, just what I have learned about neodymium magnets.

Neodymium is a kind of soft and silvery metal, and even though it is classed as a rare-earth element, it is not any rarer than cobalt, nickel or copper.

Most of the world's commercial neodymium is mined in China.

Neodymium magnets make for the strongest permanent magnets known to man. Mixed with Iron and Boron (Nd2Fe14B) - yea I know, I am not a scientist, but I just think that I should include that.

Permanent magnets like Neodymium remain magnetic and does not have to be magnetized by an electric current.

An example of a temporary magnet could be an industrial electromagnet used to move scrap metal in a salvage yard.

BUT! Why are these neodymium magnets so strong?

As I understand, the crystalline structure causes a highly magnetic power. It has something to do with crystals does not require as much energy to magnetize, so if all the crystals are subjected to a magnetic field, they will align more easily than metals.

Does that make any sense to you?

For more details and boring information about the Magnetic Properties of Neodymium, Iron Boron magnets. You can read this research paper: 


Now, let's get to the fun part.

What can you actually do with neodymium magnet?

5 useful ways to use Neodymium magnets

Read on as give you 5 tips on how you can enrich your lives with magnets, it doesn't have to be neodymium magnets, but since they are the strongest and most powerful magnets, they might just be best.

Magnets are fun and encourage a lot of DIY. If you do love DIY and have other tips for how to use magnets, like the powerful magnets, in projects. Please drop a comment below, and help to inspire the readers of this blog.

#1 Magnets! Hold my beer, please

Okay yea, so I really enjoy a good cold beer once in a while, preferably in a bottle, but they do just take up a lot of room in the fridge, so we came up with a genius solution for this.

By attaching magnets inside the fridge in a strategic way, you can actually hang those beers, instead and enjoy the extra space. We did this and shared it on Facebook recently, everyone just went nuts for it.

I have this at home now, and all my friends (at least my real friends, haha) has this too. As a family, extra room in the refrigerator is a bonus, and this is almost free compared to how much room you save.

#2 Tablet on the wall or fridge

If you want that tablet on the wall, but not permanently, magnets are the way to go. Powerful magnets will help you especially if you have kids playing with the iPad on the wall, because the magnets need to not only keep the iPad hanging but also have to bear the force of you touching and fiddling with the iPad.

I actually believe, that if your kids spend some time watching that tablet, hanging it on the wall will make everything better, kids get neck injuries too, especially these days with Tablets and smartphones.

There are some ways to do this, one I would recommend, is not to attach the magnets to the actual tablet, but to make a frame on the wall where you can open it and close it via magnets.

Yea, I would go as far as to say. Don't use the magnets directly on the electronic equipment, you might go ahead and destroy it, I don't quite know, I just know that it is not great.


#3 Keep those knives out of harm's way

With magnets, you can make your own DIY knife-hanger on the wall. Off course this is also something you get on Amazon as a finished product, but how about some creativity in your life.

One long magnet can be embedded into a wooden block or something completely else, and then you can hang the knives on the wall.

Or you can hang 5-10 small magnets, singular on the wall, and make it look like the knives are actually floating directly on the wall.


#4 Spice things up

Haha, yea no, not that.

I don't recommend playing around with strong magnets, I could be dangerous!

But you can make your own replacement for a Spice Rack. I have attached a photo of just exactly what I mean.

You can hang spices, in a fun way in your kitchen, with magnets, this is especially great, if you have little or no room, or just want to save room in your drawers.

Take a look. Pin it, if you like it, will you?





#5 Last fun thing

Okay, this not a useful thing you can use magnets for, but this just goes to show, just how strong magnets really can be.

I have some photos from customers ordering packages, they are quite fun actually. As you can imagine, shipping magnets across countries and continents is a task on its own, a task that we have specialized in.

You can't just wrap magnets and send it like everything else, and we can’t just have magnets laying around in a bunch in our warehouse. Everything is designed for magnets.

So, This is some fun situations from our customers, if you like this, pin it - right?



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