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Where Can I Buy A Big Magnet?

The earth is actually considered as a huge magnet and thus the biggest in the world, but you cannot buy earth. For scientific research, mankind has build magnets that weigh about 34 tons, but you cannot buy these kinds of magnets either.

Where can I buy a big magnet? You can buy big magnets online or in physical stores. Here at Magnet Partner, we sell large horseshoe magnets and strong neodymium magnets. With our magnetic paint, you can actually make your whole wall magnetic, but it is hard to find a very big magnet to buy for private use.

It is not the size that decides the strength on a magnet though. It is mostly the material and process when it comes to permanent magnets, and the number of turns of wire within the coil and the electric current when it comes to electromagnets

That was a short answer for, where you buy a big magnet, but remember it is not always about the size. If you continue to read on, you can find out which size of magnets you can buy, how strong they are and how to determine and calculate the strength of a magnetic field.

Where can I buy a big magnet?

Since 2007 we have been selling magnets to privates, companies, and institutions. We only sell magnets online, and due to shipping and demand, I would say it is hard to find a really really big magnet neither online or in physical stores in general.

Depending on, how you classify a big magnet, you can find a large horseshoe magnet here.

The reason it is hard to find a big magnet to buy is, that magnets are not toys, and they can become very strong and powerful. Big electromagnets as MRI-scanners and junkyard magnets for heavy lifting have power between 1 and 3 teslas.

Needless to say, you don’t go out and buy these kinds of magnets for private use, but maybe you are just looking for a really strong regular magnet?

It’s not about the size

Well, if you need a big magnet, just look down. You are living on top of a magnet. As stated at the beginning of this blog post, the earth is actually considered as a huge magnet. It has a magnetic field which is about 0.5 gauss at its surface.

Now we have mentioned both Tesla and Gauss. These are the two units, which are used to calculate how strong a magnet is, and don’t worry, we will get to that later. First of all, we will just make it clear, that it is not about the size when it comes to strength.

We sometimes compare our neodymium magnets with ants. That sounds weird, but the reason is, that like ants a neodymium magnet can carry many times its own weight.

The Magnet of Death

So our neodymium magnets are not that big in size before they are getting very strong. We actually provide some with a diameter of 6 cm and a hight on 1.5 cm. They have the strength of approximately 115kg - and some of our customers call this: The Magnet of Death.

At the moment, you can only find this magnet on our Danish webshop because we are still developing our webshop within the EU. There is a lot of factors that need to be handled before you can find it here, but we always strive to optimize our webshop at any time.

There is a lot of safety issues when we are dealing with strong magnets. Shipping, handling and most important of all your safety is something we care about.

You can still find a lot of strong magnets at this webshop, so don’t worry about that. I would not say, that they are big in size compared to how strong they are. Take a look at this Power Magnet, Block 60x30x15 MM.

It has strength on approximately 56 kg. And we only sent this with parcel post because of special packing. It has to be treated with caution as two colliding magnets will break into small pieces because of the strong magnetic field.

The enormous force of attraction from neodymium magnets is the reason why we state all the time, that these a definitely not toys, and magnets like this block magnet, you should not buy unless you know what you are doing.

Warning! Read our safety tips

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets on the market. We also call them power magnets, neo magnets, and super magnets. These are lighter, cheaper and stronger than other magnets, but always read our safety tips before buying any of these magnets.

Please read our warnings by following this link

You should read our safety tips before buying any of our power magnets. If you want to know more about, which strength and specifications that fit your needs you can either:

  • Contact us - We are always happy to help, test and answer any questions you might have.
  • Click on the products to see the specifications
  • Use our magnetic calculator to find out if your magnet is strong enough for its purpose
  • Keep reading, if you want to know more about the measurement of the strength when it comes to magnets.

Gauss & Tesla - How to measure the strength

First of all - thanks to all the physicists and scientists for inventing and discovering the force of magnetism. As often some of the greatest scientists in history are giving the name to a measurement unit, and this is also the case when it comes to magnetism and the calculation of the magnetic field.

The magnetic field is the area around a magnet in which the pulling force is. The force is invisible, but maybe you have seen a science teacher in school or elsewhere, who took a magnet and a piece of paper. If you spread iron filings on top of that paper with a magnet beneath it, you can see some of those magnetic field lines.

The magnetic fields are uniform and depending on how tightly packed they are, it shows us how strong a certain field or force is. The pulling force is strongest at the two poles of a magnet and thus will the distance weaken the force.

Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss

Gauss is the most common and used unit when it comes to magnetism. It is named after a German mathematician and physicist, Gauss, which full name is stated in the headline above.

The earth’s magnetic field is calculated to be around 0.5 gausses, but the magnets we provide has a much stronger magnetic field. The magnetization is also described with an N-value.

The N value is a definition of how much magnetic energy the magnet contains and in how high a temperature you can use the magnet. You can see some of the following specifications of N-values and how much gauss they are measured with. The higher the number, the stronger the magnet.

  • N35 = 11700-12100 Gauss
  • N38 = 12200-12600 Gauss
  • N42 = 12900-13200 Gauss
  • N45 = 13200-13700 Gauss
  • N48 = 13700-14200 Gauss
  • N50 = 14000-14600 Gauss

Nikola Tesla

Tesla is the measurement for very strong magnets. It is named after a Serbian-American inventor, who also is the name behind to the famous automotive and energy company Tesla.

MRI-scanners and heavy lifting tools are measured around 1-3 Tesla units.

  • 1 Tesla = 10.000 gauss

It can be hard to understand some of these values, especially when they are getting so big and strong. We have tried to make it a little easier for you by making a magnetic calculator.


If you click on the heading: Magnetic calculator, you can find the perfect magnets for your projects. It helps you to find the correct strength for a certain project, and if it don’t we are happy to help.

So remember, it is not about the size when it comes to how strong a magnet is. It is also about material, shape, current, etc. and we have written a lot more about this in some of our other posts.

Sadly in today’s post, we didn't come up with inspiration for a DIY-project as we often do. But nevertheless, you can use our calculator and our guidance if you need some more knowledge about, which magnets to choose. We help many of our customers test magnetic solutions.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Stay tuned for more updates on our webshop, and more blogs about magnetism and DIY-projects in the future.

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