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What Is A Disc Magnet? +11 Use Cases For Disc Magnets!

When I heard the term “disc magnet” in a recent conversation, I wanted to know for myself what this type of magnet really is. So, I did some more detailed research on my own to find out everything I wanted to know about disc magnets. I also put together a list of 11 cases in which you might need to use a disc magnet.

What is a disc magnet, and how are they used? Disc magnets are almost exactly what their name suggests. With a thin, flat, and round shape, they are among the most versatile types of magnets that can be used in a variety of situations.

Some of the cases in which you might find yourself in need of a disc magnet include, but are not limited to, household organization and craft projects, or perhaps holding up a magnetic sign at work for your business.

As you can see, there are tons of ways that the durable and versatile disc magnet can be used in everyday life. While the cases that were listed above are very accurate in regards to where these magnets are usually found, there are plenty of more circumstances where you might come in contact with a disc magnet.

Keep reading through this quick and easy guide to get some more details on what a disc magnet is exactly, as well as more ways they can be used.

What Is A Disc Magnet?

Disc magnets are a type of magnet that is shaped like a disc. With around and thin shape that is smooth throughout the entire circumference of the object, disc magnets are used for a variety of purposes in everyday life.

Since they are some of the most versatile magnets that you will be able to find, most people would be surprised to learn how much convenience these little magnets provide on a day to day basis.

The specific ways that disc magnets are used will be outlined in the next section. To begin, we will start by discussing the characteristics and properties of disc magnets themselves.

Take a look at the quick list that is outlined below, and keep reading to find out all of the details about the interesting and versatile disc magnet.

Disc Magnet Properties:

  • Usually made of neodymium
  • Strong and durable
  • Can come in a variety of sizes
  • Ideal for both household and commercial use

Since we have already discussed what the average disc magnet looks like, we will now get more into detail about what these types of magnets are actually capable of as well as how they are made up.

The most common material that you will see among disc magnets is called neodymium. This element is used in a lot of very strong magnets, including a category of magnet called “permanent magnets”.

In short, permanent magnets have increased strength and can last for up to 100 years if cared for properly, so the neodymium material that is included in disc magnets is able to contribute almost the same amount of strength to this type of magnet.

Disc magnets are increasingly strong and durable and can be used for almost anything you need them for. With a variety of sizes available, disc magnets are ideal for both household and commercial use.

In other words, you might see a disc magnet on somebody’s fridge to hold up a family photo, or a larger disc magnet could be drilled into something in a public place for more commercial use.

Read on to the next section to discover some of the most common cases in which a disc magnet would be used. You might be surprised to find out how many disc magnets are surrounding you throughout your everyday life.

How Disc Magnets Are Used - Household

When it comes to using disc magnets in everyday life, there are several places around the house that you might be able to put them to use. The list below outlines 8 common purposes that are very common in the average household.

After reading through all of the possibilities, you will probably recognize a few that you have used disc magnets for throughout your lifetime. Alternatively, you might get some ideas on how you can implement these types of magnets in your everyday life in the future.

8 Ways Disc Magnets Can Be Used:

  • As a Magnet
  • Extracting Batteries
  • Locating Studs
  • Replacing Clasps (holding things together)
  • A convenient way to hold tools
  • Repairing a magnetic door
  • Car Cover Holder
  • Science Projects For Children

As you can see, disc magnets can be used throughout a household for a long list of purposes. The disc magnets that you might use in your house will probably be of the smallest size, due to the small scale tasks that they will be used for.

The first and most obvious purpose of disc magnets would be to act as magnets. This might include hanging up a picture on your fridge or a grocery list on a bulletin board. These types of small disc magnets are often sold in large quantities for convenient use around the house.

Additionally, the magnetic properties of disc magnets can be used for other tasks such as extracting batteries from a tool or a kid’s toy, locating studs in the wall for home improvement projects, or even creating a magnetic shelf to hold up tools.

If the hinges of a door have broken, such as a stainless steel fridge, for instance, you might be able to use a strong disc magnet to bridge the gap until you are able to get a repair on the door.

Disc magnets can also be used to create a car cover holder, as well as create entreating tasks for children. When used as an educational science project, kids can have fun with levitating various metal objects with the strength of a disc magnet.

How Disc Magnets Are Used - Commercial

Disc magnets, usually of a much larger size than the household kind, can also be used commercially in public places and businesses of any kind.

Take a look at the list below to discover some of the places you might have come across a few disc magnets this week.

3 Ways Disc Magnets Are Used Commercially:

  • Magnetic Doors
  • Flying (hoverboards, vehicles, etc.) levitation
  • Business displays (holding up signs)

One of the most popular ways that commercial grade disc magnets are used in public places is to create magnetic doors. When large disc magnets are drilled through and connected to structures like this, they are able to carry out the functions of the automatic door you might have walked through to get to work this morning.

Just like disc magnets can be used for levitation in a kid’s science project as mentioned in the above section, they can be found in commercially distributed products like hoverboards and even some vehicles.

Among many other purposes that they can be used for in a business setting, disc magnets might be found within business displays, for example, holding up a magnetic sign.

Related Questions

Can disc magnets be glued?

Disc magnets can be glued with any kind of liquid adhesive or super glue for the best results. They can begin to lose their magnetism, however, when they come in contact with hot glue at high temperatures.

What objects have magnets inside of them?

Magnets are used in headphones, speakers, computers, telephones, microwaves, batteries, and even doorbells. They can also be found in televisions and refrigerators.

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