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UNI Chalk Marker, Blue (1.8 - 2.5 mm) - PWE-5M

Product no.: MAGZ-869-L

This is a light blue chalk marker in medium size. You can write both thin and thick line with the same marker. Great for glass and other smooth surfaces. Also for outdoor signs.
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Blue Chalk Marker from UNI for smooth surfaces like glass.

Model: Blue Chalk Marker Medium Line, Uni PWE-5M. 

A chalk marker is "fluid chalk". You need to rub it off with a wet cloth to remove your text or drawing from the window, glass board or chalk board again. But this is an advantage to this product as this makes sure that the writing doesn't come off easily in wet weather etc. Even when wet, you still need to rub it off. Therefore, it is also great for outdoor signs - many cafes use them for making signs with the menu or a sign with a funny text to make people come in and grab a cup of coffee and a piece of cake.

Color: Light blue.
Contains: Chalk, water and color.
Tip width: 1.8 - 2.5 mm.
Tip shape: round "bullet tip" 

You decide if you want to draw with thick, medium or thin lines. The harder you press the tip of the board marker, the thicker your lines will be (up to 2.5 mm.).

Remember to shake your blue Uni Chalk Marker well before use. The first time you take it into use, you need to press the tip against a flat surface around 20 times for the chalk to float evenly down to the tip. This is to ensure that your marker lasts longer (and doesn't just dry up).

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