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TWISTER magnetic hooks 2-pack Ø25 mm. (rotating)

Product no.: MAGZ-430-K

Twister magnets are rotating magnets (360 degrees). Use them in the kitchen or in a workshop.
Strength 3.0 kg.
Brilliant for hanging up keys etc. Model: Trendform FA2700 Twister magnets.
The Trendform Twister magnets come in a set of 2, delivered in a nice gift box.
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3,0 kg.
25 mm.
42 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


A package of 2 rotating steel hook magnets from Trendform.

Use hook magnets with a rotating hook when you need a full 360 degreees turning hook. These rotating hook magnets are great for hanging tea towels, kitchen utensils and keys. But also very handy in a workshop for hanging up wires, tools etc.

Diameter: Ø25 mm. (about 0.98 in.)
Length: 42 mm.
Strength: Approx. 3 kg. (6.61 lbs.)

These hook magnets have a 3 kg. carrying capability when used in a straight line (with both magnet and the item hanging in a vertical line). Their indirect strength is approximately 0.5 kg. (with the magnet pointing horizontally and the item hanging vertically). But this is plenty of strength for most things commonly hung in kitchens.

This hook magnet set is only magnetic at the base: the hook itself is not magnetic.

Notice: These hook magnets can be used on glass boards. However, they tend to slip easily, so buy only if it is necessary for you to have hook magnets on your glass board. We highly recommend rubber caps with these hook magnets if you need to use them on your magnetic glass board.

Model: Twister 2-pack
Manufacturer: Trendform
Art.no.: FA2700
Content: 2 pieces

ATTENTION! These hook magnets are not toys and must not be used by children. Adult supervision is required at all times.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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