Squirrel 5 pack, fridge magnets

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Product number: MAGZ-621-K

These magnets are for you, that really care about squirrels!

You will get 5 magnetic squirrels, that are eating a nut. 

The squirrels have a natural brown color.

On the backside of the squirrels, you will find a small power magnet.

Don't underestimate this magnet; you can easily hang your to-do list or grocery list op without any problem.

Strength: approx. 400 g.
Size: 17 x 15 x 24 mm.

Brand: Trendform.
Art. no: FA4599 - SQUIRREL. 

NB! Even though these squirrels are incredible sweet - these magnets are not toys.

We have a large selection of sweet animal magnets. You will find them all here.


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