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Sew-in magnets 18x2 mm. square, 2-pack

Product no.: MAGZ-3002-SY

Magnets for sewing in clothes size 18x2 - sold in pairs of 2, square PVC pocket for sew-in purposes
Strength 1.9 kg.
Price per unit

Price per unit:

2,68 3,35 EUR

Total: 2,68 3,35 EUR

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1,9 kg.
18 mm.
2 mm.


Strong magnets for sewing in clothes, sheets, bags etc.

The magnet is round (18x2 mm.), but the PVC pocket is square (35x35 mm.). Makes it easy to sew in a square pattern around the magnet.

Made of neodymium with a thin and flexible plastic coating (shrink-wrapped).

Easy to sew in fabric - make your jacket, shirt, drapes or other things magnetic for easyer everyday use.

Each side of the plastic pockets are marked with + or - to mark the poles pointing out. You need to pair + with - to get adhesive force (otherwise, the poles will repel each other).

Sold in pairs of 2

Size magnet: 18x2 mm.
Size PVC-pocket: 35x35 mm.
Strength: approx. 1.9 kg.
Max. temperature: 80°C

The magnets are waterproof, thanks to the plastic pockets they are put inside of.

Loss of strength:

A gap between 2 magnets will give a loss of strength. The magnetic gap will come when you put layers of fabric between the magnets.

  • 2 mm. fabric = approx. 500 g.
  • 5 mm. fabric = approx. 150 g.

These magnets for clothes are not only easy to sew in - the PVC pocket makes them resistant to water and rust + more "hardy".

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