Power magnets, Block 10x10x1 mm. w/glue, 10-pack

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Product number: MAGZ-719-P

Pack with 10 pcs. of self-adhesive block magnets (3M glue on one of the sides)

Sold as 5 pairs, which means 5 pcs. with north pole and 5 pcs. with south pole.

Self-adhesive magnets are the convenient solution, when you have to glue magnets to something quickly. Simply just remove the film and glue the magnet on; it will only take a few seconds.

Length: 1 cm.
Width: 1 cm.
Height: 0.1 cm.
Strength: approx. 0.500 kg.

Magnets with glue are good for hobby projects. Create your own refrigerator magnets, invitations with magnetic sealing etc. Each magnet is self-adhesive on one of the sides.

Not suitable for glas-magnetic-boards.


Strength: approx. 500 g.
Material: NdFeB
Magnetisation: N35
Max. temperature: 80°C
Surface: nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)

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