Magnetic spheres Ø5 mm., Gold 216 pack

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Product number: MAGZ-620-E

Magnetic gold coated balls - sphere magnets 216-pack.

Size: 5 mm. 
Colour: Gold coated (18K).

You get a box with 216 pcs. of gold magnetic spheres.

These zen magnets are a fun business gift idea because creating shapes with magnets can help relieve stress (like clicking on the top of a pen).

Do not confuse magnetic spheres with power magnets. They can be used as small magnets but are not super strong.

Not suitable for children as the spheres are very small! But you and your school child can have hours of fun together trying to create all kinds of different shapes with the magnetic spheres – which can help boost your child's intelligence.

Do not swallow due to the risk of suffocation.

This is the gold version of magnetic spheres, coated with 18K gold.

Material: Neodymium, iron, boron, gold (18K). 
Diameter: 0.5 cm.

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