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Magnetic paint - what is it?

Essential knowledge before using magnetic paint

Magnetic paint contains iron particles, meaning it is paint infused with iron dust. To increase the concentration of iron on your painted area, it's essential to apply several coats of paint on top of each other (at least 3). Without sufficient layers, the surface may not be fully saturated, resulting in unpainted spots without iron, making the wall (or whatever surface you're painting) non-magnetic in places.
Magnetic paint contains less iron per cm² than a steel board, a whiteboard, or a fridge door. Even if you apply multiple coats of magnetic paint, it won't have the same magnetic effect as metal. Therefore, you'll need somewhat stronger magnets for a painted magnetic surface than for a standard magnet board or a fridge door.

How much paint will i need?

Magnetic paint is thick, so coverage can vary. However, a general rule is that you'll need about 0.4 liters per m², which should cover 3 layers on 1 m².
If you find the thick paint challenging to work with, you can thin it slightly with turpentine.
We offer magnetic paint in three sizes: 0.5 liter, 1 liter, and 2.5 liters. These come with a data sheet and a stir stick.

Available colors

The magnetic paint itself is only available in one color: dark gray (almost black), similar to a traditional chalkboard's color.
You have the option to overpaint with either chalkboard paint or regular paint, expanding your color choices. Chalkboard paint is suitable if you want to write with chalk on the magnetic board. Ordinary paint can be used if the magnetic board needs to blend in, making it "invisible" - you can paint it the same color as the rest of the room, and the wall will still retain its magnetic properties.
Always remember to apply one extra layer of magnetic paint for every two layers of paint you apply on top.

Do all types of magnets work on magnetic paint?

Not every magnet is suitable for use on magnetic paint.
Firstly, the quality of the magnetic paint you've used is crucial. There's a strong correlation between the price and quality of magnetic paint. If you've chosen a cheaper option, consider applying two additional layers (which can end up being costlier than higher-quality paint).
You will likely be unable to use standard souvenir magnets on a surface painted with magnetic paint due to their weight and weak magnetism. As a baseline, don't expect to use the magnets you picked up on vacation.
Larger magnets have more "pull" and will often adhere better than smaller ones. Magnetic photo pockets will stay in place on a board if you've sufficiently saturated it - they have a large magnetic area on the back.
If you choose a magnet with a carrying capacity of at least 1.5 kg, you should be on the safe side (carrying capacity is indicated for all our magnets).

Want to test it first?

If you're uncertain about the number of layers needed, start by painting a piece of cardboard or paper with magnetic paint. Once dry, apply another coat, repeating the process until you're satisfied with the magnetism. You can then proceed to paint the entire wall or create your magnetic board with the paint.
A useful tip is always to use all the paint in the container - it has no value drying up in the bucket but can significantly enhance magnetism when applied as an extra layer.

Can magnetic paint be removed?

The paint is relatively soft, so it can be sanded down. Alternatively, you can simply paint over it with regular paint - it's rare that the slight magnetism of a wall would be an issue unless it affects aesthetics.

Is painting safe during pregnancy?

Since magnetic paint is turpentine-based, it's not recommended that you paint yourself or any walls if pregnant. It would be best to have someone else do the painting. Also, it's advised to avoid staying in the house for up to a week afterward due to possible lingering fumes.

Can magnetic paint interfere with electronics?

The paint itself is not magnetic - it's the iron within the paint that reacts magnetically to magnets. Therefore, neither mobile phones nor pacemakers are at risk near magnetic paint. The effect is similar to that of a screw, a hair clip, or a fridge door.

Can magnetic paint weaken radio waves?

Indeed, it can. If the paint covers a wall completely, each layer could slightly weaken radio signals, affecting wireless reception (e.g., Wi-Fi and mobile phones). However, as long as you don't paint too many surfaces over a large area, magnetic paint shouldn't noticeably affect signal strength.

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