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Magnetic foil w. writable surface, 30 mm (3 metres)

Product no.: MAGZ-745-M

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3000 mm.
30 mm.
1 mm.
Magnetic foil


Write & Erase! With each purchase you will receive a roll of 3 metres (9.84 feet) of white magnetic foil that has a writable surface. The white magnetic foil is 30 mm (3 cm/1.18 in) in width.

If you are someone that writes a lot on whiteboards and facilitates many meetings that are not always in the same location, you will really enjoy, and benefit from, this writable magnetic foil. With this magnetic foil, you can easily write, erase, and carry with you anywhere you need to go. Environmentally friendlier than wasting paper and a cool way to show you care about the environment.

WARNING: This magnetic foil cannot be used on magnetic glass boards!

Size: 3 cm x 3 metres
Thickness: 1 mm (about 0.04 in).
Strength: Approx. 80 gram per cm2

This magnetic foil is flexible and pliable for curved surfaces; such as a car, a street light post or a radiator. In addition, it can be cut to various sizes with a pair of general office scissors or hobby knife.

Magnetic foils are sold in individual rolls. In addition, we offer various purchasing options with varying discounted prices when purchasing in bulk. On the right you will find our purchasing options.

We also offer this foil as non-dry erase.

Remember to only use whiteboard markers, this will ensure you can wipe the magnetic tape clean each time you need to inscribe a new message. These foils are removeable, simply use a normal whiteboard sponge. If you decide to use dark color markers and leave the writing on the foil for prolonged periods of time, small shadows of the writing may appear once it is removed. However, they can be easily removed using a miracle sponge.

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