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Get My How-To-Tips: Remagnetize a Disc Magnet -Here’s How!

After reading something online about the process of “remagnetizing” a magnet, I wanted to know more about what this means for a disc magnet. When and why is this process necessary, and how can it be done in the most effective manner? I did all of the research to find out the answers to these common questions.

How can you remagnetize a disc magnet? In order to remagnetize a disc magnet that has lost its magnetic strength, you can bring it into direct contact with another neodymium magnet until its magnetic field is fully renewed.

If you have ever experienced a magnet of any kind becoming weaker than it was when you first got it, you might have assumed that it should just be thrown away and replaced with a brand new one.

However, most people would be surprised to learn that you can actually revive a magnet that has become weakened over time. If you have run into this problem with a disc magnet, in particular, this quick guide full of how-to tips will help you bring it back to life until it is as good as new.

How To Remagnetize a Disc Magnet

The process of remagnetizing a disc magnet will consist of a few simple steps. These steps include the use of another neodymium magnet in order to help the original disc magnet regain all of the power and strength it had before.

In a nutshell, this entire process is outlined in the short list down below in a few easy steps. Keep reading this section for a more detailed explanation of how you can bring your disc magnet back to life, and know that you have a lot of helpful tips to look forward to in the next section.

How To Remagnetize a Disc Magnet:

  1. Gather your materials
  2. Determine the polarity, or poles, of each magnet
  3. Place the poles into the proper position for remagnetization
  4. Store them properly to retain their strength

Materials Needed:

  • Weakened disc magnet
  • Additional neodymium magnet

The first thing to do before being able to fully remagnetize your weakened disc magnet is to gather all of the necessary materials to do this in the most effective manner.

These materials will consist of the old magnet and a new neodymium magnet that has never been used before. ideally, this new magnet will be larger and stronger than the original, for the quickest and easiest revival.

Next, you will need to determine the Polaris of both of these magnets. The polarity, or poles, is a term within magnetism that defines the direction in which each magnet lets out its magnetic field.

Each magnet has something called a North and the South Pole, with the “poles” facing in either direction after they have left the magnets.

It is important to be aware that the opposite poles attract when it comes to magnets, so the North Pole of one magnet and the South Pole of another will connect together just as you would expect them to. However, two North poles or both South poles of two separate magnets will actually repel each other.

So, if you ever try to bring two magnets together, connecting the same poles in the middle, you will have a very difficult time making them meet directly. In fact, they will actually pull away from each other in this circumstance.

To begin the actual process of remagnetizing the old magnet, you will need to place both magnets in their correct positions to be able to connect with each other.

The North Pole of the old magnet will need to be connected with the South Pole of the newer and larger neodymium magnet. This process will then be repeated with the opposite ends of either magnet.

More specifically, the South Pole of the old magnet will be touching the North Pole of the neodymium magnet.

This step should be repeated multiple times, depending on how weak the old disc magnet really is. If it has only lost a minimal amount of its pull, you might only need to repeat this process once or twice.

However, if the old disc magnet has lost almost all of its function, you might end up repeating these steps anywhere from 5 to 10 times.

In order to retain the strength of both magnets, you will want to store them properly are this process has been completed. Some helpful tips on the best way to do this will be explained in more detail within the following section.

Helpful Tips For Remagnetizing a Disc Magnet

While following the simple steps that were outlined above, there are a few important tips to keep in mind. Take a look at the list below for some helpful tips when it comes to remagnetizing a disc magnet.

Remagnetizing a Disc Magnet - Helpful Tips:

  • Test the old magnet’s strength periodically
  • Store both magnets with opposite poles near each other

The first tip that will help you in this process will be testing the strength of the old disc magnet periodically. This should be done during the step that was outlined in the first section that includes touching the opposite poles of each magnet to the other.

As mentioned before, you might be required to repeat this step several times before it works to revive your old disc magnet. In order to know when you can stop this process and the steps have worked effectively, you can test the strength of the old manager periodically.

In order to do this, you can connect the magnet to some kind of magnetic surface to see how strong the pull is and how well it holds up. By knowing the exact moment to stop this action, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time, instead of blindly connecting the two more times than what is really necessary.

The final tip to consider when remagnetizing a disc magnet is to store both magnets properly after you have completed these steps effectively.

The last thing you would want to do after going to these extremes to regain your disc magnet’s strength is to allow it to get weak again.

So, you should always store both of these magnets so that the opposite poles are closest to each other. This will help both the old and new magnet keep all of their magnetic pull instead of weakening them with the same poles repelling each other consistently.

The Purpose Of Remagnetizing Disc Magnets

After reading through all of the steps and tips that are involved in remagnetizing a disc magnet, you might be wondering what could cause this process to be necessary.

The list down below will give you a general idea of how disc magnets can lose their strength, and why they must be re-magnetized.

How Magnets Lose Their Strength:

  • Exposure to similar poles
  • Extended use

Purpose Of Remagnetization:

  • To Regain Strength
  • Continue the use of one magnet instead of replacing

As you can see, the process of remagnetizing a disc magnet will occur when something happens to the magnetic field, such as exposure to the same pole for too long or extended use.

Remagnetization of a disc magnet allows the magnetic field to regain its strength and helps the owner continue to use the same magnet instead of going through the process of purchasing a brand new replacement.

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Permanent magnets can become weaker when they experience bumps or pressure that will throw off their alignment, as well as most other types of magnets.

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