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This is How To Glue a Button And Magnet together - Easy Guide!

When I was at a friend’s house recently, I noticed some creative button magnets hanging on the fridge. Before I got the chance to ask how it was done, I began to do some searching of my own on the internet. As a result, I came up with a super easy guide on how to glue a button and a magnet together.

How can you glue a button and magnet together? In order to glue a button and magnet together, you will need to choose a durable glue that will give you the best possible results. The rest of the process is as simple as gluing multiple buttons together if with a design and attaching them to your magnet.

If you have been wanting to do a fun and relaxing DIY project that won’t take too much of your time, a set of button magnets might be just right for you. In addition to the easy process that goes into making them, they can be very functional wherever you need them to be. Keep reading this easy guide to find out exactly how to get started.

How To Glue a Button And Magnet Together

The process of making a set of button magnets can be completed in approximately 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the number of magnets and the level of creativity that goes into it.

The results that you get out of your DIY button magnet will be exactly what you put in. Whether the simple attachment of one button to a magnet is enough for your home or you would prefer to put together a more elaborate design, this list of materials and simple step by step instructions will help you to complete this project.

Materials Needed:

  • Colorful buttons of your choice
  • Adhesive glue
  • Small magnets
  • Screw, nail, or something similar

How To Make a DIY Button Magnet:

  1. Gather your materials and place them on a clean and flat surface
  2. Assemble the elements that you would like to include in your first magnet
  3. Clean both surfaces of the button(s) and the magnet
  4. Glue the buttons together (optional)
  5. Scratch the surface of the magnet
  6. Apply a small amount of glue to the middle of the scratched surface
  7. Place the magnet onto the back of the button and apply pressure
  8. Allow the button to dry before using it

To begin, you will first need to gather all of the materials that you will need for this project. The materials will include any amount of colorful buttons of your choice, a strong adhesive glue, small magnets, and something similar to a screw or a nail with a sharp metal point.

After you have placed all of your materials on a clean and flat surface such as a kitchen table top, you will need to assemble the elements that you would like to include in your first magnet.

For example, if you will be stacking 3 buttons of various sizes on top of each other for your first magnet, you will want to get them together along with the magnet that will be glued to them.

Next, you will need to clean all surfaces that will be going into the first magnet. This includes all buttons and the magnet that will be attached.

If you are using multiple buttons in the same magnet, now is the perfect time to apply some glue in between them and allow them to dry before attaching the actual magnet.

Before you can attach the magnet, you will need to use a sharp object similar to a loose screw or nail to scratch up the surface in all directions. This will help the magnet stay in one place due to the ridges that are created around the scratches.

Once everything has been cleaned, the magnet has been scratched, and all necessary components are glued together and have dried, you will be able to apply a small amount of glue to the center of the scratches on the surface of the magnet and place it onto the back of the button.

After applying a necessary amount of pressure to both the magnet and button, it will need to be left to dry for up to one day before being hung on the refrigerator.

The Best Glue To Use For Magnets And Buttons

While it is true that magnets and buttons can be glued together very quickly and easily for a fun DIY project that anyone can complete, you will need to make sure that you are using the right type of glue to keep your creation together for long periods of time.

To make the decision process easier, I put together a list of some of the best types of glue for this purpose exactly.

Best Glue For Magnets And Buttons:

  • Gorilla glue
  • Crazy glue
  • Super Glue
  • Two-part epoxy glue
  • Liquid nails
  • Mod Podge
  • Fevi Quick

Almost all of the types of glue that were outlined in this list can be found at your local hardware or home improvement store, with some even being available at the grocery store. They are relatively inexpensive, and will all work great for this project.

The number one best glue for attaching magnets to buttons, however, is Fevi Quick. If you are not able to get your hands on this type of glue, there are plenty of other options that you can pick up instead.

These options include gorilla glue, crazy or super glue, two-part epoxy glue, liquid nails, or mod podge.

Along with choosing the right type of glue for your project, you will want to make sure that you follow all of the detailed instructions very carefully while making sure that you do not apply too much glue or too little.

The ideal amount of glue will be a small dot in the middle of the surface of the magnet. When you press the two surfaces together, the glue should not spread out to the sides of the button and magnet. In other words, the glue should effectively help them stick together but should not be showing from the outside.

As you can see, the task of gluing a button and a magnet together is quite simple and can be done using a very small variety of materials, some of which you might be able to find around the house.

Button magnets are a fun and relaxing craft that will give you a functional product that is just as creative and decorative as you would like it to be.

Whether you will be assembling an ornate magnet that includes several components and buttons to adorn your refrigerator or you just need a simple magnet with a single button to hold up your to-do list on your magnetic bulletin board, the possibilities are endless.

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What other objects can be used to create refrigerator magnets?

Along with plastic buttons, you can make refrigerator buttons out of used bottle caps, small action figures, and artificial flowers. Basically anything that can fit on a small magnet and be secured by glue can be made into a DIY decoration.

What kind of projects can be made out of flat magnets and magnetic sheets?

There are tons of DIY projects that can be made with flat magnets and magnetic sheets, including but not limited to refrigerator photo frames and sleeves, DIY iPad cases with the on and off magnetic function, and an entire magnetic wall.

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