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(Question): How To Drill a Hole in a Magnet +Get my Answer!

While being faced with the task of drilling a hole in a magnet for a home improvement project I was working on, I was nervous to make the first cut. So, I did some more reading on the topic to make sure that I was going about it correctly, and came up with an easy guide on how to drill a hole in a magnet.

How can you drill a hole in a magnet? To drill a hole in a magnet, you will need to apply the tip of a power drill onto the surface of the magnet and gently push it down into the center. For the best results, you should proceed with frequent stops to flush the holes with a coolant solution to prevent adverse effects. 

Even though magnets are some of the strongest and most versatile everyday objects, they can become quite fragile when they are penetrated by the sharp point of a drill. It is also a good idea to drill from both sides to prevent the fragile material from breaking.

How To Drill a Hole In a Magnet

If you have ever wondered if it is possible to drill a hole through a magnet, you might be surprise to learn that it is. Just like almost any other solid object, the surface of a magnet can be drilled through with a power tool and the shape can be altered accordingly.

However, the process of drilling through magnets, in particular, will require particular skill and extra care to avoid destroying the entire thing.

Take a look at the helpful tips for magnet drilling in the list below and follow along with the simple step by step instructions to get the best possible results.

Tips For Magnet Drilling:

  • Drill from both sides evenly to avoid shattering
  • Flush the holes with coolant frequently to prevent overheating

Before proceeding with the process of drilling a hole into a magnet, there are two important things to keep in mind. First, you need to drill from both sides evenly in the same area. Additionally, the holes should be flushed with coolant in between these breaks.

How To Drill Into a Magnet:

  1. Gather your materials (magnet, power drill, drill bits, eye protection)
  2. Carefully place the drill bit onto the desired area with a gentle amount of pressure
  3. Periodically alternate between each side of the magnet in the same area
  4. Take breaks to flush out the hole with coolant, cleaning the dust

In order to safely and effectively drill a hole into a magnet, you will need to first gather your materials in a clean, safe, and well-lit work place. These materials will include the magnet you will be drilling, your power drill, along with the appropriate drill bits, and some kind of eye protection.

To begin, you will place your magnet securely in the center of your workspace, and fit your power drill with the right sized drill bit. For example, the average sized magnet will be able to handle a 3/16 inch bit, but this size will vary in each circumstance.

Proceed by placing the drill bit onto the desired area, applying a small amount of pressure and gently pushing it down into the center of the magnet. For the best results, you will want to take frequent breaks, alternating between both sides of the magnet and meeting in the middle on each side.

This will help you to gently create the hole in your magnet without applying too much force and pressure at once, which could cause the entire surface to break open and shatter if you are not patient with it.

Additionally, you will want to take breaks to flush the hole out with a coolant solution of your choice. The purpose of this additional precaution is to clear the area of any magnetic dust and cool down the entire object, which will be discussed in more detail within the next section.

While drilling a hole in a magnet is a rather difficult and tedious task, it can be done with the right technique. The idea is to slowly but surely wedge a perfect hole into the area of the magnet that you choose. The act of simply driving your drill bit into the center in one pass will definitely not do the trick.

Should I Drill a Hole In a Magnet?

Now that we’ve discussed all of the ways that you can drill in to a magnet as safely and efficiently as possible, it is necessary to address the question of whether or not you should drill a hole in a magnet.

The easy answer to this question is no, and there are plenty of good reasons why. In fact, all of the safety tips that were mentioned in the previous section combined could not prevent all of the things that will probably go wrong if you attempt to do this.

Take a look at the list below to find out why drilling a hole in a magnet is a bad idea, and possibly reconsider the action you are about to take.

Negatives To Drilling Holes In a Magnet:

  • Fragile material that can easily shatter
  • Demagnetization from the heat
  • Loss of corrosion protection
  • The dust from drilling can be flammable

First of all, magnets are made of a very fragile material that is brittle and easily breakable. As a result, the magnet is very prone to shattering when the surface is interrupted by a powerful electric drill. In doing this, it is extremely difficult to come out with a magnet that is still in one piece.

Additionally, there is a very high level of heat that is associated with using a power tool such as a drill. This causes a series of negative affects within the magnet, including the destruction of its magnetic fields.

Even further, the dust that comes from drilling into a magnet for too long can become flammable and combust in some instances.

Lastly, the coating that is sawed off and removed from the act of drilling into the magnet will make it more susceptible to corrosion, because its protective layer has been removed.

Alternatives to Magnet Drilling:

  • Purchasing magnets with holes
  • Order a custom magnet

In conclusion, if you ever find yourself in a position where you feel that your only option is to drill into the magnet in order to alter it, your best bet is to find an alternative solution.

Fortunately, there are tons of magnets that already come with holes in them, as well as plenty of opportunities to consult a professional to order a custom magnet for your needs, so that you will not need to alter it later on.

Related Questions

How can you cut a magnet in half?

To cut a magnet in half, you will simply draw a line where you would like to cut and use a manual saw to make the incision. Alternatively, you can use a chisel and hammer to manually break it apart for a messier cut.

Should you cut a magnet in half?

While it is possible to cut a magnet in half, you most likely will not come out with two even pieces, but instead several smaller shattered ones. Additionally, a magnet that is cut in half will completely reverse its polarity, which is something to consider before you try this.

Is it bad to use power tools on a magnet?

When you use power tools on a magnet, it can create a magnet dust that can become flammable in closed quarters. On top of that, you are more likely to shatter the magnet with this method.

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