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How To Make A DIY Magnet Wall

Are you ready to start crafting? A magnet wall is a brilliant way to impress your guests at your home or workplace. Especially if you have done it yourself.

How to make a DIY magnet wall? Make your wall magnetic by painting it with magnetic paint. You can also use galvanized steel sheets or magnet sheets. If you want to avoid holes in the wall and take advantage of some of the many uses of magnetism - just do it yourself. Make a magnetic surface.

That was a short description of how you can make your wall magnetic. If you are interested in making your wall or other surfaces magnetic, you can read more about it here. We will also come with cool stuff you can use this for at home or at your office.

How to make a DIY magnet wall?

It is probably easier than you think. You just need to get some magnetic paint and find the right surface to paint. Magnetic paint with added iron powder can be used on all dry and grease-free surfaces.

We supply high-quality magnetic paint which takes around 12 hours to dry. We recommend applying three layers to achieve the best result.

The wall is not the limit

When something is magnetic it means, that it is either capable of being magnetized or attracted by a magnet.

Permanent magnets are made from ferromagnetic materials. Cobalt, iron, and nickel are all common ferromagnetic materials, and magnets are usually an alloy, which means it is a combination of metals. The strongest permanent magnet is neodymium magnets, which is an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron.

-The surface is your choice. The sky’s the limit.

Our suggestion of magnetic paint is, that it may be used on all fat-free and dry surfaces, so you can paint much more than just your wall. Damn, that sounds cool. It is, but just remember: Always take caution, so you don’t ruin anything.

The thing you are most worried about is probably if you can only get it in one dark color?

Choose whatever color you want

The magnetic paint does not come in all colors, but you can always paint it over in the color you prefer. Some of the magnetic strength will be weakened, when you paint the surface with normal paint, but you can either fix that problem with stronger magnets or paint extra layers with the magnetic paint.

If you choose to paint the surface with another color on top of the magnetic paint, we suggest that you make a 5-times layer of magnetic paint beneath the chosen color.

The sky’s the limit is a saying which means, there is nothing to prevent you from being successful.

By that, we mean that there are a lot of opportunities for you to be creative and succeed. We always talk a lot about DIY, and today is not an exception. If you are inspired and creative, you can even make your wall into a huge erase- or crayon board.

Sometimes you just need the right tools. But what can you really use a magnetic wall for? Get inspired with some examples, if you continue reading.

What can I use a magnetic wall for?

A magnetic wall is a good eyecatcher. Besides that, it is also very practical. The main purpose of the magnetic wall is of course, that it’s magnetic. This makes it easy to pin stuff on the wall and make your home or office unique and can both help structure and influence your everyday life.

Examples of objects to pin on the wall

You can find a lot of examples of magnets for this purpose if you start at our front page.

If you need to pin non-magnetic objects on the wall with magnets, we always suggest using power magnets.

Power magnets also called neodymium magnets is the strongest permanent magnet on the market. Thus they shall be handled with care, and we recommend you to always read our safety tips before buying these neodymium magnets.

You can get them in a lot of different shapes and with different strength, but in general, they are way stronger than the normal fridge magnet you might know.

They are strong enough so you can “pin” knives and hammers to your wall, just always make sure, that you use the correct strength and material. We are always happy to test a certain pulling force and answer any questions if you need any guidance.

Otherwise, just be creative in what you pin on the wall. Maybe you just want other magnets that symbolize something. These can be used with advantage in both your work or home. Check out our number magnets or smiley magnets.

A magnetic wall at your work

In an earlier blog-post, we have written about ‘Smart Office Solutions’ in the post: Why Do Magnets Attract Paper Clips? Here we suggest making a more “lean” office with magnets. Use different colors to symbolize how the work is progressing.

-Red can symbolize, that a job has yet been commenced

-Yellow can symbolize, that a job is being executed

-Green can symbolize, that the job is done

Furthermore, we are always huge fans of magnetic pockets. Use them instead of post-its or to pin instructions around the workspace. We have made a Magnetic A4 pocket, which we call quickload. These are great for hanging up your work-plan, so you don't have much loose paper lying around, and it is easy to switch.

Se if you can find anything inspiring in our office & boards category: Office Boards

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Make a personal home with pictures and pictograms. We love the idea of, that you can personalize your designer home with magnets. The fridge is the obvious choice, but many want a more ‘clean’ design in the kitchen, and then you can maybe make a magnetic wall or door in the kid's room.

Again, you can use photo pockets to attach pictures on the wall. We have also free pictograms you can download if you need more material. Find 18 colored and 18 black/white pictograms if you follow the above link.

Make your own scoreboard

If you have an activity room with either: A pool or football table, ping-pong, dart or other games, a magnetic board is a good way to keep score. Make your own magnetic wall, erase-board or use magnetic numbers to keep track on the score.

This is a cool supplement for the activity room, and also a way to avoid chalk everywhere and also holes in the walls.

I really hope that today’s blog post inspired you to start crafting and optimize your home or work with the uses of magnets. I really enjoy giving the advice, and as I write, I also come up with new ideas for my own home.

Today I got the new idea to make the scoreboard next to where I play dart. Usually, I always have used a lot of small papers to write on, but a board with the magnetic numbers is a brilliant idea to move the numbers around in a fun way and always without getting chalk on your fingers.

Stay tuned for new ideas in the next blog post and thank you for reading.

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