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How To Make A DIY Magnet Board

At MagnetPartner we simply love DIY projects with magnets. The possibilities are almost endless, as long as you have an open and creative mind. In this post, we will tell you how to make a magnet board yourself.

How do you make a DIY magnet board? You can make a magnetic board with only 2 things, a piece of glass and an equally large piece of magnetic material, which could be steel. The steel will make it possible for the magnets to stick, and the glass gives a nice and clean look.

This was obviously the short and unelaborated version of how to make a DIY magnet board. If you want the elaborated version and know which magnets you should use for your board, you need to keep reading. Enjoy!

How to make a DIY magnet board

A magnetic board can be very useful. You can hang all your papers, notes, calendar, etc. on it. The good thing about using magnets is that you easily can attach and detach all of it, or move it around as you wish, without damaging the papers or board.

But how do you make a magnetic board? You can always take the easy way out and simply buy a pre-manufactured magnetic glass board. I actually think that buying the board is a good solution because you are able to buy a high-quality board, that even looks very good, to a fair price.

But, if you are a true DIY-kinda person, and you insist on making it yourself, it’s relatively simple. The first thing you need to understand is that the glass itself is not magnetic. Therefore, you have to attach something that is magnetic underneath the glass, which could be a steel plate.

In my opinion, using a frame is a really cool and different way to make a board. Making it is actually very simple. You simply open the frame and put a steel plate underneath the glass. And there you have it, a magnetic board.

The cool thing about this option is not only that it is cool, different and VERY easy. It's also ideal for making a decorative board. You can simply put a poster or a piece of colored paper between the glass and steel plate.

The biggest obstacle of making a board of glass is actually that you need very strong magnets to hang up your things. Not only because the magnetism has to go through both glass and paper, but also because glass is very slippery, which makes it harder for the magnet to stick.

Therefore, it is very important that you buy the right magnets for your board. In the next section, I will guide you in what magnets you should use for your board.

Best magnets for a DIY magnet board

Even though it might sound like a sales trick, I promise you that we sell stronger magnets for cheaper prices than the place where you buy your board. We are often met with a skeptical look when people see our prices.

The fact is that there is no funny business about our business. We simply but large amounts of high-quality magnets, after searching the market thoroughly. We want to stay in this market in many years to come, which means that we never settle on the quality of our magnets.

But, we're getting off topic. Back to which magnets you should use for a magnetic board with glass.

As I mentioned before, powerful magnets are required in this project. My following suggestions implies that you have purchased or made a board of high quality, meaning that it has a very strong magnetism.

The magnet needs to be able to carry at least 1,5 kg to make sure that the magnet can hold itself and some paper. If you settle with this, you cannot expect it to be able to carry much weight or hold itself if a wind comes for that matter.

A good tip is to use a magnet-bar because they are easier to detach and move around. Beneath is our most sold power-magnets for magnetic boards, which also works on cheap boards where the magnetism isn't that strong.

Power Magnet, Disc 12x3 MM
Carrying capacity: 2,5 kg.
Neodymium magnet

Power Magnet, Disc 10x10 MM
Carrying capacity: 3,9 kg
Neodymium magnet

Power Magnets, Cube 10x10x10 MM
Carrying capacity: 3.8 kg
Neodymium magnet

Power Magnet, Disc, 20x4 MM
Carrying capacity: 5 kg
Neodymium magnet

Other cool DIY projects with magnets

Close tightly

Another really cool application with magnets is enclosing bags with magnets. Most of us have been in the situation where you have opened a bag of chips or cereal, and afterward forgotten or failed to enclose it tightly, resulting in soft chips. It’s the worst!

You can avoid this completely with magnets. All you have to do is fold the opening of the bag and close it tight with two magnets. If you do this, your cereal and/or chops will last much longer. With this solution, you don't have to eat it all at once, unless you want to, of course!

Check it before you drill it

You’re probably familiar with the situation where you need to hang something on your wall. Once you have found the perfect spot to drill your hole, you are ready to go, right? No! What many fail to consider is the fact that there is a steel bar that you can't drill through.

You can check if there is a steel bar inside the wall with magnets. You simply put a strong magnet on the wall, and if you feel magnetism, there is probably a steel bar inside. In that case, you have to find another place to drill. This saves you for a lot of unwanted holes in your wall!

Picking up the metal

If you ever find yourself with a knocked over the box of nails, and a floor full of nails, you need to get yourself a magnet. (If you have one around, of course). It's a big struggle to pick every single nail up. With a magnet, you simply hold it near the nails, and they will all fly and attach to the magnet. It saves a lot of time!

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