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Home office

This is just a selection of the products we sell most for home offices at the moment. Our selection is much larger, and we would very much like to guide you in how to best optimize your home office. We have something for both large and small offices.

A tip for the magnetic board

It can be a really good idea to divide your board into days or tasks. And it's easy to do so with divider tape - a colored tape that's easy and flexible to use, as it sticks better than drawing lines with a board marker. Share e.g. your board in the days of the week to get an overview of what you have to achieve on the different days. Or divide it into people if you need to have an overview of your team.

A magnetic board can practically do the same thing that you can create on a computer via an online board. But a whiteboard gives you a quick overview without having to sit with a specific program open. It can be nice not to have to multitask between several tabs online all the time.

Do you want suggestions for your office?

We have a showroom and would love to test solutions for you if you aren't quite sure what to buy and how to use the various tools. We are ready to help you in customer service all weekdays and would like to send you photos of setups if you give us some info about your workflow and need for structure.