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DANISH magnets, 4 pack - fridge magnets

Product no.: MAGZ-740-K

Hang danish pastry on the fridge - cool and fun magnets from LSA Gallery looking like 4 diff. kinds of Danishes
Strength 400 g.
The magnets are 3x5 cm. More than double as strong as a standard souvenir magnet - you will not be disappointed with these lovely magnets
So many details on these magnetic danish pastries made by Lianne Sommer
Real poppy seeds... for real! To make all details stand out, Lianne has used only the best for decoration
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400 g.
50 mm.
30 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


Handmade magnets looking like real Danishes ("wienerbrød").

These lovely magnets are from LSA Gallery by Lianne Sommer. You can only find these specific magnets with us. Made with FIMO clay and neodymium magnets.

Package with 4 different pieces of danish pastry - but even though they look real and edible, don't eat them!

Strength: approx. 400 gram.
Size: approx. 3x5 cm.

The designer magnets are made to spread joy and to make the fridge more fun to look at. It is incredible how many details Lianne has been able to make on these small danishes.

NB! Not for small children - small parts - dangerous to swallow!

The real names for these pastries are: Kanelsnegl, spandauer, tebirkes and hindbærsnitte. We have no idea how to translate the names into english because pastries from Denmark often just are known as DANISH (and are a part of our "hygge" concept).

You get one of each magnet. And don't be nervous - these magnets cannot be compared with souvenir magnets. These are strong magnets for the fridge with more than double the strength of a standard souvenir magnet.

Not for magnetic glass boards and Chatboards.

Model: Danish pastries
Brand: LSA Gallery

These magnets are made for us (Magnetz & Magnordic). You might find some that look like these but there will always be differences as this collection is made especially for us.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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