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Countersunk magnet 80x20x4 mm. (neodymium)

Product no.: MAGZ-168-P

Large and super strong magnet with 2 countersunk holes. The magnet size is 80-20-04 mm. Screws and bolts are not included. Magnets sold individually.
Strength 18.0 kg.
Here, you can see the 80x20x4 countersunk power magnet without the screws (screws are not included).
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Price per unit:

11,28 14,10 EUR

Total: 11,28 14,10 EUR

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18,0 kg.
80 mm.
20 mm.
4 mm.
Glass board:
Outdoor use:


Oblong magnet made of neodymium with 2 countersunk screw holes. Sold individually (from 1 piece).

Size: 8x2 cm.
Height: 0.4 cm.
Screw hole: ø 4.5 mm. (x2)
Length between screw holes: 40 mm.
Strength: approx. 18 kg.

To firmly secure, screw the neodymium magnet onto a piece of wood or other plane surface point that is not magnetic. Once fastened, the magnet will provide you with a magnetic surface with really strong holding power. Keep in mind that this type of magnet in this size is a really strong magnet. Remember to handle it with care as it will collide with other magnets or magnetic counterparts with uncontrolled power if you are not being carefull. Collision at high speed will damage (and most likely break) the magnet. And keep your fingers safe!

Strength: approx. 18,000 g.
Magnetism: N35
Coating: Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)

This type of magnet is not intended for outdoor use because it will rust over time. The magnet is made without a protective coating like steel or rubber.

Because of its elongated design and magnetic capability, it is suitable for wedging onto a wooden shelf on your bookshelf, or between a piece of furniture, to convert your furniture into a magnetic contact point (making your furniture magnetic towards other items or for magnetic assembly of eg. a couch). The furniture barrier will act as a protective sleeve and protect the magnet.

IMPORTANT! Use caution when tightening the screws because the magnets are fragile. If you overtighten the screws, the magnet will break.

This magnet has a strength capability of 18 kg. (39.69 lbs.). It has been measured in direct pull on a strong, magnetic steel plate. NOTICE: The carrying capacity weakens the further the magnet is from its magnetic counterpart. In addition, if the magnet must carry your item(s) using indirect pull, you will need a stronger magnet. To ensure you select the correct magnet we recommend you contact us to help you find and purchase the correct magnet. Remember: Indirect pull refers to a magnet being placed on a wall, yet the items that hangs will pull down.

ATTENTION! You cannot take two (2) of these magnets and put them face to face with 2 "countersunk" sides. Due to the similar polarity directions, these magnets will repel one another. But if you turn one magnet around, they will attract each other. As an alternative we suggest using a matching size power magnet without screws or a piece of metal to counter this type of magnet.

Safety information

NB! Read this safety message about power magnets, before you buy and take the magnets into use.


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