Coloured power magnets 6x3 mm, 10 pack, red

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Product number: MAGZ-1021-P

Powerful red magnets | Power magnets

Colour: Strong red
Diameter: 0.6 cm
Height: 0.3 cm
Strength: approx. 800 gr.
Material: NdFeB

These small yet powerful magnets are now available in colours. They look cool on the fridge or whiteboard.

Can also be used to hang up art as the colours can blend in with the motif colours.

These small power magnets are not strong enough for use on magnetic glass boards.

Sold in packs of 10. Quantity discounts available when purchasing 5 or more packs.

Please note: The magnets are very small, only 6x3 mm.

But we are not exaggerating their strength! 800 gr. corresponds to around 6 A4 papers.

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