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Can power magnets be changed?

Modifying neodymium magnets (power magnets)

We do not recommend that you drill or saw into neodymium magnets yourself. There are several reasons for this: first of all, neodymium magnets are designed to maximize strength. This is achieved with a thin nickel-plated surface, which keeps the magnet intact. This surface cannot withstand drilling or sawing. And when you penetrate the surface layer, you reach the raw magnet, which is fragile and more prone to corrosion and erosion than before. Drilling or sawing into magnets not only results in magnetic splinters but also in flammable dust. In addition, the heat generated during drilling will demagnetize the magnet.

If you need to alter a magnet, it should be left to professionals who have the correct diamond drill bit and cooling equipment. But even then, there's still a high risk that the magnet will not tolerate the alteration and will break. Therefore, our clear recommendation is to purchase a magnet with the appropriate shape rather than attempting to modify a "finished" magnet.

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