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In the midst of a failing DIY craft project, I realized that I had applied glue to the wrong side of my magnet. Panicking, I quickly did some research online to find out how to remove and dissolve glue from a magnet. From there, I compiled a list of the best tips for doing so effectively.

How can you dissolve glue from a magnet or otherwise remove it? In order to dissolve glue from a magnet, you can apply hot water or acetone. However, the acetone could potentially damage the surface of the magnet permanently. If you do not wish to dissolve the glue and would just like to simply remove it, you can use pliers or a drill. 

If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you accidentally applied too much glue to a magnet or allowed it to dry in the wrong place, you were probably as worried as I was when the same thing happened to me. Today, we will be going over the most helpful tips for removing glue and dissolving it from a magnet.

How To Dissolve Glue From a Magnet

Connecting magnets together in the wrong place can seem like a detrimental mistake once the glue has dried. Especially due to the fact that extremely strong super and crazy glues are recommended for attaching magnets to each other and other surfaces.

The safest way of removing glue from a magnet or multiple magnets without causing too much damage would be to try to dissolve the glue. Instead of trying to physically pull the magnets apart and risk breaking them, you can target the dried glue instead.

Below is a short list of materials that are safe to use on magnets, that will help you out with dissolving these types of glue.

Materials For Dissolving Glue From a Magnet:

  • Acetone
  • Hot soapy water

One of the most common substances that are used when it comes to dissolving super glue is acetone. Acetone is the chemical that is present in the average nail polish remover, which you might already have on hand around the house to use for this purpose.

If not, you will be able to pick up a fresh bottle from your local supermarket for just a few dollars. When you purchase, you will want to make sure to check the ingredients and make sure that it contains enough acetone to do the job.

How To Dissolve Glue From a Magnet With Acetone:

  1. Gather the materials that are needed (magnet, acetone, clean cloth)
  2. Add a small amount of acetone to one area on the cloth
  3. Carefully apply the substance to the glue
  4. Leave it on the surface for approximately 10 minutes
  5. Check the strength of the glue
  6. Repeat as needed until you can successfully remove the glue

To begin, you will want to gather all the materials that you will be needing for this process. This will include the magnet or magnets that you are trying to detach, the nail polish remover containing acetone, and a clean cloth.

Add a small amount of the acetone substance to one area on the cloth that you will be using to transfer it directly onto the glue. Very carefully apply the acetone to the glue only. You will want to make sure that you do not accidentally get acetone on the magnets themselves to avoid any damage being done to the surface.

If you are trying to remove some hardened glue from the surface of just one magnet, this process will be very easy, and you will just need to apply the acetone directly onto the glue.

Alternatively, if you are trying to pull two magnets apart that have been glued together with a strong adhesive substance, the next method in this section might work better for you. However, both methods can be attempted if you are desperate to dissolve the dried glue.

Once the acetone has been applied to the glue on one magnet or in between both magnets, you will leave it on the surface for approximately 10 minutes at a time. After this time period, you should check the strength of the glue and the status of the surfaces around it.

Repeat this process as many times as needed until you can successfully dissolve the glue on your single magnet or pull the two magnets apart. Even further, you can repeat the process of applying acetone to each magnet that was previously connected to each other in order to remove the glue from both surfaces.

How To Dissolve Glue From a Magnet With Hot Soapy Water:

  1. Gather your materials (magnet, hot water, liquid dish soap, small open container)
  2. Make sure that the water is very hot and combine it in a small open container with a generous amount of liquid dish soap
  3. Combine this mixture and toss the magnet into the container
  4. Let it sit for approximately 10 minutes at a time, constantly checking the glue
  5. Repeat this process until the glue becomes soft enough to remove

An alternative method for dissolving glue from a magnet or multiple magnets is to use hot soapy water. While this is a slightly longer process than using acetone as described above, you will keep the surfaces of your magnets the safest by following these steps.

Initially, you will need to gather your magnet, hot water, liquid dish soap, and a small open container. Make sure that your water is very hot for the best results, and pour it into the open container.

Next, you will need to add a very generous amount of liquid dish soap and combine the two in the container. These substances will help to soften and loosen the glue from the magnets over time.

Carefully place the magnet or magnets into the open container, and allow them to sit for approximately 10 minutes at a time. During this process, you will want to check it continuously until you are able to pull the magnets apart or remove the softened glue.

Depending on how long it takes for the glue to become soft, you might need to replace your soapy water mixed with more hot water if it starts to get cold.

Other Ways To Remove Glue From a Magnet

If you do not have the time or resources to try to dissolve the glue off of your magnet or magnets, there are a few alternative methods for simply trying to pull the magnets off of the glue.


  • Pliers
  • Drill

The materials that can be used for this purpose are pliers and a drill. While this is not recommended, due to the fact that the magnets can be broken or permanently damaged, it can be done when you find yourself in a tough situation.

In order to go about doing it in this manner, you will just need to pull the magnets apart with a strong pair of pliers or drill directly into the center of the glue in efforts to remove all of it.

As you can see, gluing magnets in the wrong place is not as big of a mistake as you might have thought. With a few helpful methods and tips for removing it, you will find that strong permanent glues actually can be removed.

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To remove an adhesive sheet magnet, the best materials to use are a plastic paint scraper and some type of adhesive remover to get rid of the glue.

What are the best glues to use for magnets?

The best glues to use on magnets are two part epoxy glue, gorilla glue, and any kind of silicone adhesive, among others.