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Are Magnets Dangerous?

There are different aspects of, whether magnets are dangerous or not. This totally depends on the situation. We have written about the main types of magnets and the different uses, shapes, and forces they appear in. But are they safe to use?

Are magnets dangerous? Yes and No. Magnets are dangerous if they are not handled with care, and the danger increases, the more powerful the magnet gets. Everything is relative, but everybody could potentially choke if a magnet were stuck in their throat. There are different uses of magnets and some needs warnings.

We have collected some safety tips on this link, you should read before buying neodymium magnets. Furthermore, the answer above doesn't really cover all of the dangers magnets can cause, and magnets can affect humans, animals, electronics and transportations.

Are magnets dangerous?

In some of our other blog posts, we have written about all of the uses of magnets. So, we are generally surrounded by magnets in our daily lives, and most of them are not considered dangerous.

Swallowing. Let’s just start with this one. Magnets are not food, so you are not supposed to eat them. Keep it away from children, who tend to swallow small objects, and the same goes for animals. So, make sure your fridge- and board magnets are strong enough, so they don’t fall to the ground. Avoid the worst case scenario.

But magnets aren't just harmful to children and animals. The stronger a magnet gets, the more it increases in danger. That is why you should read the safety tips before buying neodymium magnets. The pulling force results in injuries if you do not handle them with care.

Fingers and skin can get caught between strong magnets, and the bigger ones can even cause bone fractures. These magnets are not toys, and you should not buy them if you don’t know what you are doing.

We found some fails and accidents on a youtube video, that is just caused due to the pulling force of permanent magnets.

It is a good idea to know your magnets because of the diversity and the use of them is so different. Find more info about permanent magnets and electromagnets in some of our other posts, to get an idea of what they are used for, and how they function.

Affect on people

When it comes to the magnetic fields from permanent magnets, the scientific knowledge behind it, still haven't any measurable positive or negative effect on people. Just to be sure, try to avoid constant contact with magnets, as we cannot entirely rule out the health risks.

Many of our magnets at MagnetPartner have coatings that contain nickel, and some people have an allergic reaction when they are in contact with nickel or can develop it if they are in constant contact with it.

-If you have any questions about our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

So, besides being aware of not to swallow magnets, allergies, and the pulling force, you should always take care of your surroundings. When machining magnets, the drilling dust could easily ignite an cause a fire. So again, just don’t do stuff like that if you don’t know what you are doing.

Magnets are made from ferromagnetic materials, and besides having the ability to be magnetized, it also conducts electricity. Furthermore, magnets can be affected by electricity which can be extremely useful, but it can also cause danger.

Magnets can affect the function of a pacemaker or an implanted heart defibrillator. Keep them in a safe distance to magnets.

Magnets and electronic devices

Computers, speakers, headphones, televisions, electric toothbrushes, lawn mowers, cars, motors, generators, scanners, electric bells and buzzers, and so much more. Magnets are used in many electronic devices and are often used and produced safely.

A strong magnetic field could damage some of the functions of these devices, and make your hearing aids, your computer or watch stop working, and also your credit and ATM cards. This could lead to some kind of danger depending on the situation, but again, everything is relative.

Some electromagnets are made very strong and can lift cars and other heavy objects. This means, that you should also be aware of falling objects, but unless you are working on a junkyard or other places where they use these kinds of strong magnets, you should not worry about it.

Another electromagnet used in an electronic device is an MRI-scanner. Magnetic Resonance Imaging. This is a very strong magnet, and again we found a youtube video that demonstrates, how dangerous magnetic items are near a strong magnet.

Transportation of Magnets

A magnet cannot be shipped as business as usual. They attract or repel other magnetic materials, and need safe packaging in order to be shipped correctly.

When it comes to airfreight, magnets are considered as ‘Dangerous goods’ due to the potentially disruptive nature of magnetic fields. This also requires specialized packaging and procedures and should be handled by professionals.

Again, in the worst case scenario, a strong magnet could interfere and affect the airplane navigation devices and could lead to an accident. When you are dealing with these kinds of magnets, you should already be aware of the dangers of magnets.

Safety tips

This blog post just tries to illustrate, that magnets can be dangerous, but in general, they are not. Of course, it all depends on different aspects of life. The earth is considered as a giant magnet, and some might say it is dangerous or and others would say it is in danger.

Strong magnets are invented and created by humans, and they are just getting stronger and stronger. Before you buy any of these magnets, always read all the safety instructions. Magnets and magnetism is not a danger in the common life, but it is good to know about the huge influence magnetism has on this world.

Before buying a neodymium magnet, or as they are also called, super magnets or power magnets, also read the safety tips. We have collected our safety tips and warnings on this link.

The science behind magnetism is very complex, and the magnets developed and the use of them are evolved every day. So, always be updated with the newest safety tips on depending on which magnets you are in touch with. Especially if you have a pacemaker, but then you should already be instructed in the possible dangers of it.

So are magnets dangerous? Yes and No.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and remember; don’t be scared of magnets, just try to understand them and the differences of the magnetized objects.

As we know by now, magnets are more dangerous to your electronic devices than it is to your life, so just make sure your life doesn’t depend on electricity, don’t swallow magnets and look for falling objects.

We are passionate about customer service and magnets. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will figure out and test our magnets, so they fit your needs.

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